Thinking About Getting a Motorcycle


Car Insurance @ - Browse Young Driver Car Insurance ...It is going to be warm all year down here in Southern California, so I have started thinking about getting myself a motorcycle. I am not really interested in a big bike, like a Harley or one of those other huge bikes. I just want something that will get great gas mileage. To be honest I am most worried about finding a place that will give me really good car insurance rates on a combined policy for both car insurance and for the insurance on a motorcycle. They are a bit more expensive than I was expecting or hoping to pay, but I have been thinking about exactly how far I am really willing to do with the concept.

For example you might not get the best performance with a bike that gets the most gas mileage. I have been reading that the best mileage is obviously from a small bike, like one of the Honda 125 cc bikes. It will get around 130 mpg by the research. Of course the problem is that you might be out in the highway where you need to go 75 mph to keep up with traffic. I definitely do not want to be putting around at 20 mph slower than the flow of traffic. It would be dangerous for a variety of reasons, people not paying attention would be the biggest one. Some guy looks down to grab his phone while doing 85 mph. He runs over you and wonders what that was as he heads on to where he is going. That is about all there is to it then. You are going to die pretty likely. Of course you could just get in the way of some guy who is having a bad day and he might run you off the road for going too slow.