I Just Wanted to Know if There Was a Cure for Herpes


This image is of primary genital herpes. The first episode is always ...I about had a fit in the doctor’s office when he looked at the sore on the corner of my daughter’s mouth. He shined a light on it and looked at it through a magnifying glass. He then turned to me and said it was just herpes. I screamed, “Just herpes!” He slid his rolling chair back about a foot when I yelled. He stammered out that he meant it was the cold sore variety of herpes. Well, I did not even know that cold sores were the herpes virus. I then asked him what the cure for herpes was.

He made me more nervous when he told me that there was no cure for it. He told me that people who get a cold sore have been exposed to the one of the varieties of Herpes simplex virus, probably Herpes simplex one at some point in their lives. I was still quite animated and told him how my daughter was only seven! He then tried to reassure me that most of us get the virus from a kiss from one of many relatives and friends when we were yet infants. Then the virus just sits there dormant until it can manifest as sores.

Mitoslim is a Safe and Natural Weight Loss Supplement


If one of your resolutions for the new year involved shedding some pounds and perhaps dropping a few inches off the waistline, chances are good that you’re looking for healthy and effective ways to lose weight. That being the case, it might be a good idea to consider a natural supplement like mitoslim. These capsules can be particularly effective when normal exercise and a healthy diet start to lose effectiveness.

The key ingredients in Mitoslim are the anti-oxidants in raspberry ketones and acai berry. Both of these natural ingredients have been shown to contain fat-burning enzymes that can greatly enhance weight loss performance when combined with a normal, healthy diet and exercise. Additionally, the anti-oxidants that these two natural substances possess will help to keep users looking and feeling younger.

In addition to the fat-burning properties of Mitoslim, it also has been shown to be effective in curbing appetite and hunger cravings. As anyone who’s ever dieted knows, it is those urges for snacking between meals that can destroy weight loss progress. Mitoslim also helps to inhibit body tissues that normally store–and thus build up–fat in the human body.

Mitoslim’s natural formulation also helps to promote healthy digestion and maintain a properly functioning GI tract for most people. Users report that using this supplement makes them feel healthier, gives them more stamina, and improves their metabolism and natural fat-burning capabilities.

Trying to lose weight can be stressful and frustrating. For too many individuals, they do everything “right”, only to see their weight-loss hit a plateau. There’s no reason to just accept that half-measure towards the body shape you want with safe, natural supplements like Mitoslim being readily available. This supplement is well-tested and effective in helping to curb appetite and burn stored fat. For the curious, the capsules are available in free trial sizes.