Reasons Why Calling a Personal Injure Attorney in Chicago Was the Thing My Friend Needed to Do


I have a friend who has been through a rough time. He was involved in an accident. He got hit by a driver who was texting. He found out it is a real fight to get the insurance companies to pay what is necessary. He also found out that his job was not behind him all the way in his fight to recover. I told him he needed to call a personal injury attorney in Chicago for advice. His job pretty much told him he either had to come back to work or lose his position. He used up all of his sick days, personal time and vacation time due to the difficulty he had in doing his job.

People at his job were trying to help him out. They were taking some of his workload when they saw him struggling. It was a convoluted mess. The insurance company was not coming forth to pay for his expenses including lost wages and things such as his health insurance costs. He had to work while trying to recover. He needed a personal injury attorney in Chicago to really put pressure on the insurance company to make it so he could concentrate on getting better instead of barely getting through work days. I told him that maybe the lawyer could put a little squeeze on his workplace too using the law to get them to step up.

He was about ready to collapse and totally fail. It was unsustainable for him to try and keep on working. He either needed the help of an attorney, or he was going to lose everything he ever worked for. He was now dipping into his own retirement to pay some of his bills. I do not see how that is even possible to happen when the accident was not his fault. He did not want to sue anyone. I told him he needed to fight the insurance company because they are going to want to hold onto their profits no matter what he is going through.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Auto Accident


Last month my husband and I were involved in a pretty severe auto accident on the interstate when traveling back from visiting family and we are still trying to recover our injuries. My husband just awoke from a medicated coma that was induced after the crash. I have been in physical rehabilitation for the last week and for the foreseeable future. I have been looking at as I know that I will need to hire a lawyer in the coming days to represent us in the personal injury suit that we are going to raise in court. I want to get legal advice first of all, because I am not really sure what our rights are in a situation like this.

This is the first time that either of us have been involved in anything like this, and it has been a scary experience, to say the least. I was worried about my husband’s life for a few days, but we were able to receive some fine medical care here. But it has come at a steep cost, and I want to make sure that parties responsible for this accident are held accountable and made to pay for the damages we incurred during the wreck. Of course, some of the damages will not be easily paid for, and so we are seeking to get more money than just to pay off medical bills and the like.

Rather, I am not sure how long it will take the two of us to return to a normal standard of living and we deserve some sort of compensation for all that we have been through related to this crash. I hope that we will make a full recovery, the both of us, but there is still a long road ahead of us.

Using a Load Cell Array to Weight a Tank of Water


We needed to weigh thousands of gallons of water. We needed to set a volume by precise weight for our experiments. We could have just filled the tank with a precise amount of water, but the problem is in the precision. When measuring out thousands of gallons at a time, a little is lost or gained. It is never really accurate. Also, evaporation by the end of the day could account for enough weight to affect our experiments. We decided to use a load cell cable system under the huge tank to keep track of the weight of the water as we did our experiments.

A load cell system can weigh anything from a person to trucks and more. There are all kinds of types of load cells to put under objects to monitor their weight. We needed real time weight measurements as we did the experiments. Our data needed to be precise with less than a pound of fluctuation with the total weight of the water. Just splashing some out as we moved the test objects could easily lose us more than a pound in weight of water. Our load cell array was capable of measuring precisely the weight of the water in the tank if it was twice the size.

Think of it as a giant bathroom scale. The load cells in your digital bathroom scale measure your weight electronically and display it on a screen. We had pretty much the same thing. It was only a lot larger. It measured 240,000 pounds of water which is 30,000 gallons. The weight of the tank was the tare weight. That is, the load cell array disregards the weight of the tank on the cells and only weighs any additional weight put on them. We would take a measurement for every experiment sometimes adding or extracting as little as a cup of water.