Argan Oil Helped My Hair and Nails


Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisturizer 8.45ozWhen my friend told me I should use Argan Oil to help my hair, I was a bit puzzled. It wasn’t because she told me my hair needed help, because I would be the first to admit to that. It was just because I had not heard of that kind of oil before. I have poured over so many things trying to figure out what to use on my hair, but that is one that I had not heard of before. She showed me a website that had a lot of information about Argan Oil on it, and I was convinced within minutes that it was what I needed to try.

I didn’t have a major problem with my hair. It wasn’t as if it was falling out or thinning. That would be horrible, but still, my own issues were still devastating to me. No matter what styling product I used on my hair, it still looked flat and lifeless. If I would take a walk on a windy day, my hair looked so frizzy afterwards. I read where others were having the same kinds of issues though, and this oil helped bring the shine and vitality back to their hair.

I ordered some, and I was excited to try it, mainly because the reviews I read indicated that it did not take long at all to notice a difference. I also learned that I could use this oil for things other than to help bring my hair back to life. It can be used to help with different skin conditions as well as on nails. I have good skin, but my nails were another issue I had. I used the oil on both my hair and nails, and both look so much better because of it! I will never be without a bottle of Argan Oil now.