Getting That Restaurant Fried Fish Sandwich Taste at Home


We really like fried fish. During Lent we go to the local church fish fries and get our fill. However, I like that deep fried taste at other times of the year too. I go for lighter fare in the summer, but I do like fish sandwiches in the fall. I like a big piece of cod on a freshly baked bun with lots of ketchup and relish. My wife likes lettuce tomato and mayo on hers, and the kids like mustard. We looked for the best rated deep fryer to make our fish in so we could duplicate the big fish sandwiches you can get at the restaurants around here or the local church fish fries during Lent.

Funny thing about the fish is that I do not know anyone who actually likes the tartar sauce served with most of the meals at the fish places. I have always been a ketchup person, and my dad got me hooked on adding the relish to my fish sandwiches. Takeout is okay, but they are usually cold by the time you get them home. There is no tasty way to reheat fish already on the bun. Reheated fish never tastes good to me anyway. This is why we searched for the best rated deep fryer to be able to make fish at home that has that delicious deep fried taste.

The secret is in using fresh oil but not just any oil. You need to use an oil that can take the heat fish is fried at. You do not want to fry it too long. You want it to thoroughly cook quickly. That makes it so the fish is not too greasy. That can ruin the taste. Fresh fillets are also part of the secret. However, I think the number one thing in making fried fish is the batter you choose to use. I made up my own recipe and people really like it.