High Speed Internet Via a Satellite Connection


I never considered that there are actually places in America where a person cannot get cable Internet or a DSL connection. I thought dial up Internet connections were a thing of the past too. When my husband presented a proposition to me about a new business idea, it involved us moving nearly 500 miles away and into a very rural setting. We drove there several months ago, and I fell in love with the area. It was in the middle of nowhere, which is why we needed to find out about high-speed satellite Internet in Arizona.

Even though I had never considered there are places like this that exist without cable Internet, I kind of figured that it would not be an option here after seeing it in person. It really is in the middle of nowhere, which is exactly what we needed. We did need an Internet connection too though, if we were going to make this new business of ours work. That is when I found out that there are dial up options here as well. I had that nearly 20 years ago when it was all the rage, and i would never go back to it.

I did not know anything about satellite Internet though, but I quickly came to appreciate just how good it is. I thought that it might be slow like dial up, but it is actually one of the quickest ways to access the Internet. The upload and download speeds are quite impressive, and I knew that it would work out fine for us. We had to wait for someone to come install the dish, but that did not take long at all. I am so much happier where we are, especially since I get to still be connected to the friends and family we left behind, thanks to our Internet connection.

How Much More Would Organic Food Cost You?


I have agreed to cater a pretty substantial party for a friend of my sister in law and I am not really sure that I have done a good job of quoting a price that makes sense for me. The thing that I was not really accounting for is the fact that the client only wants me to use organic food. Of course there is an organic grocery in Singapore that is not too far from where I live and I have been in there before. I have bought a few things from it and the prices are not a lot higher than the usual stuff that you buy in the markets. It is only a big deal when you start to buy a lot of different things. Then the difference in price is going to start to add up in a rather big hurry and I was not really informed that the client wanted this sort of thing until after I had given them the quote. Of course the entire thing is a favor and I have been telling the people involved that I am not going to lose money on the deal. I am not sure that I would lose money on it right now, but it would obviously not be worth the time and effort that would be required. There is not any sense in busting your back side for no profit and that is what I am looking at right now. So they have to let me figure out what the organic food is going to cost compared to the price that I quoted them. It is not like you want to go into a business arrangement with no incentive. I was willing to do it because the sister in law is pretty nice, but not for no gain.