Not the Only Company in Town


Sometimes companies think they can get away with forcing their customers to pay high prices. In some markets, there are no competitors, so they can just do whatever they want without any opposition. I used to be the customer of an energy provider in Texas and when their prices got too high, I decided to quit. A friend of mine told me that if I really wanted to scare the provider, I should threaten to switch to other Texas energy companies. I called my provider and told them that if they wouldn’t lower their prices, that I would switch to one of the other energy companies, and they laughed at me.

My provider thought they had an upper hand on me, but I was going to show them who would get the last laugh. I did some research on all of the energy companies in my area and their prices and made a chart, arranging them from the least expensive to the most expensive. My provider was at the bottom of the list because there was no other company with a higher price than them. I called up my provider and told them again that I would leave if they didn’t lower their prices.

As the person on the phone started to laugh again, I began reading them my chart of the other energy providers. This caused the person to stop laughing immediately. The person then tried to make a deal with me, but I had made up my mind by that point. They didn’t care about me as a customer before, and it wasn’t until they saw that they weren’t the only game in town that they decided to take me seriously. I cancelled my service with that provider and signed up for new service with the company at the top of the chart.