A New Company is in Town


At the start of the new year, I always shop energy providers. I take a look at all the money that I’ve spent in the previous year on energy, and look for a way that I can save money by getting a better deal. There’s always some company that will offer a better deal for energy than everyone else. Each year, I think that I’ve gotten the lowest that I can possibly find, but there’s always some other company that comes up with a better deal that blows everyone else out of the water. This year, I’ve done it again.

The newest energy company on the block has some around and they’ve come out of the gate kicking. They’re already offering a new deal to new customers who want to have the latest in low prices. They have a great deal that you can lock in for an entire 2 years and keep without any changes in the rates. Not only does this company offer a lower price, but they have new methods that allow customers to track just how much energy they’re using on a daily basis. The company will install new meters at each house and other tools.

One of the new tools that the company uses is a new type of thermostat that can be linked to any smart phone. The thermostat works with a special app that can control the thermostat when a customer is not home. It can also enable the thermostat to turn on automatically based on the habits of those who live in the home. The system is pretty new and more advanced than anything that I’ve ever seen in the form of home technology. I’m going to sign up with this company and take advantage of their deal before it goes away after a while.