Driving Traffic to a Web Site


Of course this is something that I started to think about as soon as I started to do a bit of web design on the side. I have been able to make web pages since I was in high school, and before that I could do something to approximate a web page. However when you think about it, a web page is not really going to serve the purpose without getting people to look at it. Obviously there is an industry up to provide what they called SEO services, which means search engine optimization. You are selling things or you are providing services. That is something that people are going to be looking for in fact, if they are not then you are obviously in the wrong business. In this day and age the potential customer is going to take out a smart phone or some other type of device and perform a web search.

The trick is pretty obvious and it is the basis of Google’s entire business model ( a rather successful one at that ). They sell ads based on keywords. If someone is searching for a pizza, then they sell the ad for that keyword to one of the big pizza chains and the same goes for any other thing that can be sold. If you are the person selling to these people, then you have to think about how they are going to use the results. The big thing is that you have to be there, and by there I mean you have to be on that first batch of search results. If you are buried in the third or fourth page, then no one is going to dig that far. Of course the search engines are going to want the best results and they do not let people jiggle around with their results.

A New Company is in Town


At the start of the new year, I always shop energy providers. I take a look at all the money that I’ve spent in the previous year on energy, and look for a way that I can save money by getting a better deal. There’s always some company that will offer a better deal for energy than everyone else. Each year, I think that I’ve gotten the lowest that I can possibly find, but there’s always some other company that comes up with a better deal that blows everyone else out of the water. This year, I’ve done it again.

The newest energy company on the block has some around and they’ve come out of the gate kicking. They’re already offering a new deal to new customers who want to have the latest in low prices. They have a great deal that you can lock in for an entire 2 years and keep without any changes in the rates. Not only does this company offer a lower price, but they have new methods that allow customers to track just how much energy they’re using on a daily basis. The company will install new meters at each house and other tools.

One of the new tools that the company uses is a new type of thermostat that can be linked to any smart phone. The thermostat works with a special app that can control the thermostat when a customer is not home. It can also enable the thermostat to turn on automatically based on the habits of those who live in the home. The system is pretty new and more advanced than anything that I’ve ever seen in the form of home technology. I’m going to sign up with this company and take advantage of their deal before it goes away after a while.

Not the Only Company in Town


Sometimes companies think they can get away with forcing their customers to pay high prices. In some markets, there are no competitors, so they can just do whatever they want without any opposition. I used to be the customer of an energy provider in Texas and when their prices got too high, I decided to quit. A friend of mine told me that if I really wanted to scare the provider, I should threaten to switch to other Texas energy companies. I called my provider and told them that if they wouldn’t lower their prices, that I would switch to one of the other energy companies, and they laughed at me.

My provider thought they had an upper hand on me, but I was going to show them who would get the last laugh. I did some research on all of the energy companies in my area and their prices and made a chart, arranging them from the least expensive to the most expensive. My provider was at the bottom of the list because there was no other company with a higher price than them. I called up my provider and told them again that I would leave if they didn’t lower their prices.

As the person on the phone started to laugh again, I began reading them my chart of the other energy providers. This caused the person to stop laughing immediately. The person then tried to make a deal with me, but I had made up my mind by that point. They didn’t care about me as a customer before, and it wasn’t until they saw that they weren’t the only game in town that they decided to take me seriously. I cancelled my service with that provider and signed up for new service with the company at the top of the chart.

High Speed Internet Via a Satellite Connection


I never considered that there are actually places in America where a person cannot get cable Internet or a DSL connection. I thought dial up Internet connections were a thing of the past too. When my husband presented a proposition to me about a new business idea, it involved us moving nearly 500 miles away and into a very rural setting. We drove there several months ago, and I fell in love with the area. It was in the middle of nowhere, which is why we needed to find out about high-speed satellite Internet in Arizona.

Even though I had never considered there are places like this that exist without cable Internet, I kind of figured that it would not be an option here after seeing it in person. It really is in the middle of nowhere, which is exactly what we needed. We did need an Internet connection too though, if we were going to make this new business of ours work. That is when I found out that there are dial up options here as well. I had that nearly 20 years ago when it was all the rage, and i would never go back to it.

I did not know anything about satellite Internet though, but I quickly came to appreciate just how good it is. I thought that it might be slow like dial up, but it is actually one of the quickest ways to access the Internet. The upload and download speeds are quite impressive, and I knew that it would work out fine for us. We had to wait for someone to come install the dish, but that did not take long at all. I am so much happier where we are, especially since I get to still be connected to the friends and family we left behind, thanks to our Internet connection.

How Much More Would Organic Food Cost You?


I have agreed to cater a pretty substantial party for a friend of my sister in law and I am not really sure that I have done a good job of quoting a price that makes sense for me. The thing that I was not really accounting for is the fact that the client only wants me to use organic food. Of course there is an organic grocery in Singapore that is not too far from where I live and I have been in there before. I have bought a few things from it and the prices are not a lot higher than the usual stuff that you buy in the markets. It is only a big deal when you start to buy a lot of different things. Then the difference in price is going to start to add up in a rather big hurry and I was not really informed that the client wanted this sort of thing until after I had given them the quote. Of course the entire thing is a favor and I have been telling the people involved that I am not going to lose money on the deal. I am not sure that I would lose money on it right now, but it would obviously not be worth the time and effort that would be required. There is not any sense in busting your back side for no profit and that is what I am looking at right now. So they have to let me figure out what the organic food is going to cost compared to the price that I quoted them. It is not like you want to go into a business arrangement with no incentive. I was willing to do it because the sister in law is pretty nice, but not for no gain.

Sheet Metal Comes in Handy


Ton Aviation Power Punch Kit Sheet Metal Hole Punching 7 Sizes Die ...When you do a lot of projects, it’s good to have a source of affordable sheet metal. There have been plenty of times where I’ve needed to use sheet metal, and luckily there is a sheet metal punching company that can give me exactly what I need. For my most recent project, I wanted to build a new shed for my backyard. The previous shed in my yard had become rusted over the years due to rain, and the roof was starting to cave in. Rather than trying to salvage it, I just tore it down and made plans for a new one.

I drew up some blueprints on my computer to get an idea of how the shed would look and what dimensions I would need for my parts. Using the dimensions from the blueprint, I put in an order to the company to have some sheet metal punched. Then I went to the local home store to have some wood cut for the base and foundation of the shed. Once the sheet metal came, I was ready to start putting all of the parts together into a new shed.

First I started by making the ground level, and building my wood base on top of it. Then I started making the frame for the walls, with a spot for a door. I put the door into place and secured it with hinges and added a lock and door knob. Then I started working on the frame for the roof. I made the roof slanted so that any rain water would flow off to the side. The main part of the shed was complete and all that was left to do was add the sheet metal. I secured the metal in place with nails and put metal on the roof as well. The shed was finished and I stored my tools in it.

It’s Good to Know That Cherry is Great Tasting and Popular


I was recently talking to a friend of mine about how long I had been smoking. When you live out in the country on a farm, it is not uncommon to learn that many young people in rural areas start smoking in their teens. So, being a farm boy myself, I started smoking at the age of nineteen. My friend mentioned that she quit and is now doing something called vaping, and the fruit flavors are popular with people who vape. I had to chuckle at first because I had no idea what she was talking about. I had never heard of it before, and I asked her to tell me more.

I quickly learned that smoking is considered to be “out” in her circle of friends, and using e-cigarettes are very in. I have never been very trendy, but it was pretty interesting to learn that something in the smoking world is far more popular than paper cigs that have been around for a very long time. She pulled a thin, metal tube out of her purse then to show me. It was about the size of a regular smoke, and it didn’t weigh much at all. Inside the tube is a little vial of what she called “e-liquid.” You don’t smoke it, but you do inhale it, and that process is called vaping, which is a quick way to say that you’re inhaling vapor that comes from the liquid when it’s heated up.

I wondered why I should be using an e-cig instead, and she let me try hers out. Immediately, I was struck with a sweet cherry flavor. I was not expecting that at all, and I have to say that it was very pleasurable. She again pointed out that the fruit flavors are the best, and then she quickly rattled off her favorites. When I got home that night, I made sure to order one of my own. It will be here next week.

My Wife Does Not Want Me to Smoke, Chew or Rub Tobacco but I Can’t Quit Nicotine


I was having some success at quitting smoking. That is, I could avoid cigarettes if I smoked cigars, rubbed snuff or chewed tobacco. No doubt in my mind that I was addicted to nicotine. My wife generally despised the smokeless and chewing tobaccos I was using. She did not want me to use tobacco at all, but she tolerated the breaks from smoking since I was already having my voice change and was coughing more. I got online looking for an alternative to getting nicotine and found a click here ad for a vaping device that can give you big heavy draws like smoking a cigarette can. The little electronic cigarettes just did not have the power to produce enough vapor to make vaping satisfying to me.

The rechargeable pen vaping device used waxes for vaping. It produced a lot of vapor making it feel more like the smoke I was used to inhaling. My goal was to mimic smoking as close as possible without actually lighting up tobacco. The jury is still out on overall vaping safety, but the discussions seem to indicate it is a better alternative to smoking if you cannot quit. Well, so far I cannot quit. I liked snuff and chewing tobacco, but I also like kissing my wife. She would ask me to brush my teeth and use mouthwash before anything other than a smooch, and that sure could put a damper on romantic spontaneity. She used to be a smoker so did not mind the cigarettes as much. She did not like the cigar smells, and she pretty much despised the smokeless tobaccos I used.

Vaping was okay with her. It did not stink up the place or my clothes, and some of the waxes and oils taste pretty good. Of course, I like the ones that mimic tobacco the best. So far I cannot quit nicotine, but I actively looked for an alternative that might spare me some of the issues that smoking real cigarettes or using real tobacco can bring.

A Healthy Way to Approach Cleaning Your Room


The bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing retreat and a place for you to enjoy at the end of the day. While it may seem like all you do in your bedroom is sleep, if you sleep for 8 hours a day that is almost a third of your life you will spend in your room! You can clean it yourself (ugh!) or you can take the route of most Americans these days and hire a professional cleaning crew. My family has been using http://coast2coastcleaning.com for several months now with nothing but positive results to report back! If you’re planning on doing it yourself, these tips might help you start the process.

Clear out your clutter: Chances are there are things in your room you do not really ever use or even actually need. Take a look around and see if you can identify a few things that you are not using or don’t belong in your space. Once you find things you can stand to part with, do it! They are taking up valuable space that could instead be used for things you actually DO want to have!

Change the sheets and make the bed: If your room is a complete mess, sometimes just changing the sheets and making the bed can help motivate you to get started. It is like starting with a clean slate and automatically makes it appear to be cleaner than it actually may be. Try to get in the routine of making the bed each day after you wake up and your room can seem cleaner even if you don’t have time to pick everything up from the floor.

Your room can be a wonderful tranquil retreat for you at the end of the day before you go to bed. If you follow these simple tips you’ll be amazed at how much more you enjoy spending time in your bedroom and how it can help you feel more relaxed as well.

Getting That Restaurant Fried Fish Sandwich Taste at Home


We really like fried fish. During Lent we go to the local church fish fries and get our fill. However, I like that deep fried taste at other times of the year too. I go for lighter fare in the summer, but I do like fish sandwiches in the fall. I like a big piece of cod on a freshly baked bun with lots of ketchup and relish. My wife likes lettuce tomato and mayo on hers, and the kids like mustard. We looked for the best rated deep fryer to make our fish in so we could duplicate the big fish sandwiches you can get at the restaurants around here or the local church fish fries during Lent.

Funny thing about the fish is that I do not know anyone who actually likes the tartar sauce served with most of the meals at the fish places. I have always been a ketchup person, and my dad got me hooked on adding the relish to my fish sandwiches. Takeout is okay, but they are usually cold by the time you get them home. There is no tasty way to reheat fish already on the bun. Reheated fish never tastes good to me anyway. This is why we searched for the best rated deep fryer to be able to make fish at home that has that delicious deep fried taste.

The secret is in using fresh oil but not just any oil. You need to use an oil that can take the heat fish is fried at. You do not want to fry it too long. You want it to thoroughly cook quickly. That makes it so the fish is not too greasy. That can ruin the taste. Fresh fillets are also part of the secret. However, I think the number one thing in making fried fish is the batter you choose to use. I made up my own recipe and people really like it.

I Learned About a Petubah Today


I have spent the last three and a half hours talking to this guy who was about to get married. Of course I really do not know too too much about Judaism and he was telling me about this sort of thing. It is called a Petubalah and you can find out more if you search on the internet http://www.ketubahsandmore.com/ is this site that he was showing me. I guess that this sort of like a pre nuptial agreement or something of that sort. Of course if you look at that site you will see that they send you a really fancy document. I guess it is supposed a very formal arrangement. That is supposed to make it more of a solemn oath or something like that from what I took from it. Of course I really did not see why you needed to write it all down like that. You say the wedding vows and it seems to me as though that should suffice to me, but of course my opinion is not the one that matters.

Of course religion is a strange thing when you look at it from the outside. In particular it seems bizarre that so many people are completely convinced that they have the only true religion. It is strange how they determine that this makes it okay to do just about anything that they can imagine, so long as they can claim that there is some religious basis for it. Of course right and wrong are things that matter, but you can do wrong if you think that you are right. It just does not make any sense to me and it is hard to see how people turn this sort of thinking in to a dogma that they are willing to live and die for.

Shopping Around the Entire World


nike wallpaper hd nike wallpaper hd nike wallpaper hdShopping is a past time favoured by nearly every woman in the world, and quite a few men. Some say, that there is nothing quite as exhilarating as the purchase of something shiny and new; or a unique and unusual acquisition, found in the corner of a junky looking market stall. I even found some mens Nike golf shirts in an Egyptian bazaar! Markets everywhere harbour hidden treasures, just waiting to be found. From wholesale markets selling large quantities of goods for retail, to the tunnel-like souks of North Africa and the Middle East, there is nothing quite so exciting as a find in a market. But wherein the world is the best place to sample the delights of markets, bazaars and souks?

There is nowhere in the world that has such an interesting array of markets, from wholesale meat market of Smithfield to fruit and vegetable’s in New Covent Garden, to the many clothing, thrift and vintage markets. London has it all.Finding the best London has to offer is quite a task as there are many amazing markets selling clothing, accessories and trinkets. There are large markets such as Borough Market, medium sized markets such as Petticoat Lane and small markets such as Dover Street Market.

But two particularly stand out, Portobello Road and Camden Markets. Both of these are synonymous with youth culture and fashion. Camden Markets is the 4th most visited attraction of London, its markets sells everything from bric-a-brac and craft to fast food. Portobello Road in trendy Notting Hill is the ideal place for vintage clothing and antiques. Morocco is famous for its traditional markets, and none are more revered than the one in Marrakech, which has the largest traditional souk in the country. The Djemaa el Fna, one of the busiest markets in Africa is a way of life for the locals and a source of amazement for visitors.

Some Fool Tried to Break in the House


I was sitting in my office killing time the other day when I got the alert. It was my phone calling me to tell me there was a problem at the house. Of course I have this app on the phone which lets me me monitor the security cameras by ADT. So the guy from ADT was calling me up and I was looking at this guy trying to break in to my house in real time. He was wearing a hoody over hi head and he had the draw string pulled taut so that it cover up a lot of his face, obviously trying to make it hard for us to recognize him. He was wearing these dark sunglasses too. So we got a picture of the guy, but it is not all that useful. Of course obviously when the police came this guy beat it and he is not likely going to get caught. They tried to get finger prints, but it did not seem like this was a big priority.

Of course they are probably going to catch people like this eventually, because they keep trying their luck until they run out of the stuff. It is not like you can be sure what you are going to about this sort of thing, but for us we are pretty happy because the system worked. I supposed a more skilled thief could have probably beaten us, but this guy was not up to the task and the only thing he did was to leave a couple of scratched on the door. He had a knife or some thing like that which he tried to used to jimmy the lock, but we had fixed it so you can not do that trick. There is a little plate in the way.

Winning the Case with a Great Lawyer


If you are facing a criminal charge, whether a misdemeanor or felony charge, you need to consult with a qualified criminal attorney. The problem being is that there are so many attorneys to choose from, its hard to make a decision on who you should get to represent you in a criminal trial and by all means you need someone to represent you if you are unfamiliar with the law. There is no jail guide to instruct you how to represent yourself in court so here are several tips on how to hire a criminal lawyer from Atlantis Law Firm!

Finding a criminal attorney is relatively easy. Simply open any phone book ad or do a quick search online and you have hundreds to choose from in your area. But, the best way to truly start your search is to first define the crime you have been charged with. You should begin an online search for an attorney who practices in that specific defense. A defense lawyer’s fees will range in price dependent upon the crime you are accused of. If it’s a misdemeanor crime you probably won’t pay as much as you would for a felony crime. The payment amount will also be based on how many charges your lawyer will have to argue.

This cost may vary based on your alleged crime and will also increase dependent on the lawyer you choose to represent you. Especially if the attorney is popular and has a large caseload. Keep in mind there should be a considerable price difference between going to trial and also submitting a plea agreement. Personally, I believe that when you’re hiring a lawyer you’re going to want the guys that are going to cost you because you know that they have the confidence to charge that much that they’ll help you win your case.

A Gym Ball is the Perfect Companion for Shakeology


Are you hitting the gym? Maybe you’re like myself and making use of that gym ball you have sitting around. After finding delicious Shakeology ingredients, I made the decision to start exercising again. Diet has always been the most difficult part for me but with Shakeology I think I can finally get over that hump. I like eating tasty meals which is exactly what Shakeology provided. So, if you’re using a gym ball, you might want to check out some tips and advice that I’ve learned over the years! For all intents and purposes a Gym Ball is a wobbly bench.The gym ball’s instability and, therefore, your greater reliance on your primary stabilizing muscles (abs and lower back, commonly referred to as “core” muscles) have seen an incredible rise in the popularity of the gym ball to improve your “core” muscles. I should note that, although the gym ball has risen to prominence in the last ten to twenty or so years, the fitness ball was developed back in the nineteen sixties (developed by Aquilino Cosani who was an Italian plastics manufacturer).

Realistically, your “core” muscles are at work during all of your motions and movements, exercises and are placed at most stress or work during major compound weight training exercises, such as Dead lifts, Squats etc. Or, during a prolonged engagement/ use – i.e. distance run, or row etc. With the aforementioned in mind, performing “advanced” weight training exercises like those stated (Dead lift and/ or Squats) will have a greater overall benefit to help improve “core” strength, provided you have no prior contra indication (such as a pre existing injury etc.). However, a very sensible and common reason for purchase of an exercise ball is that a Gym Ball is a comfortable and affordable choice for training at home (with dumbbell weights and resistance bands etc.), as well as being the most popular option, hence its inclusion in many gym workout routines.

How to Repair Your Own Garage


When a garage door doesn’t open or close the way it is supposed to, the problem could be in the tracks. Here are a few repair tips to help you learn how to put garage doors back on track. You have to first check if the tracks are well anchored to the wall. Usually, the reason why a garage door goes off track is that the tracks themselves are loosened. Check if the brackets that anchor the track to the walls. If they are a bit loose, you should tighten the bolts or you can call DC Garage Services!

You also need to check the tracks for any sign of damage or denting. A bad dent can usually cause the garage door to “jump” off track, much like a train being derailed. Repair these dents by pounding them out using a hammer and a block of wood or using a rubber mallet if you have one.Badly damaged tracks should be replaced immediately, before they cause hazard. Make sure that the tracks are properly aligned. You can do this using a level. If the tracks are horizontal, they should be slanted slightly down to the back of the garage.

However, if you are using a roll-up door, the vertical track sections should be exactly leveled. If the tracks are not in the right level, you should first loosen the brackets that hold the tracks in position. When this is done, you should very carefully tap the tracks so that they are aligned. You should also make sure that the tracks are on the same height on the walls of the garage. You should also make sure that the tracks are clean. In learning how to put a garage door back on track, you will realize that some garage doors get out of track simply because of an obstruction of dirt and grease on the tracks. What you need is a good household cleaner to accomplish this task.

Home Security Details and Options


Home security is very important to me these days, and I really want to get a good home security system installed at my house as soon as possible. Waiting is not an option, because there was a serious crime that was committed across the street from my house this week and it has me spooked. I do not know who did it, but they got away, and that is probably the worst part. I am checking into Naples ADT home security right now and I really hope that I can get a system installed at my house, that will not cost me too much money.

I am not really too sure about how much it will cost, but that is something I need to figure out. I really need to figure it out soon, because I am a bit short on cash at the moment, but I am also determined that I am going to get this installed soon. I guess I could always use a credit card, but I hate having to go down that route. It is just not very ideal at all to have to do something like that.

I guess I will wait and see what happens, and then we will go from there, and figure out if it is going to work, or if it is not going to work. If not, then I might have to figure out a way to protect my family on my own. I do not own any guns, but I think my father does. Maybe I should go to the target range and try to learn how to use a gun. I have never fired one in my life, to be honest. Kind of a strange thing to say, now that I think about it, considering this is America and all that.

This Grandma Has Learned That Getting Online is Not Hard


As someone who is in her 70s, I have heard plenty about the Internet, but never really thought much of getting connected to it previously. I just did not grow up with computers, so the Interest did not spark in me right away. But my grandkids use it, and they said they want to keep in touch with me online with it. My grandson said that he would look into finding the best Arkansas DSL providers so that I can get a good deal here in my home state.

You see, my two grandchildren both go to college in another state. While they have cell phones and we talk that way sometimes, I just did not like the idea of receiving little tiny pictures from them on my phone. They are hard for me to see with my worsening eyesight. And reading texts on a tiny phone screen comes with the same problems. Due to arthritis, it is almost impossible for me to text back to them easily. I am all thumbs on a phone keyboard, and much of what I send it unintelligible as a result!

So, when my oldest grandchild mailed me a list of providers to contact, I made my first call ever to learn how to get online and what the cost would be. I found the price to be surprisingly affordable. Now, I was not too sure about the setup because I have so little technical knowledge, and I mostly wanted to keep it that way. But the employee I spoke with at the company of my choice said there would be nothing to worry about.

It turns out that employee was right. My service was installed last Friday. By Friday night I had emailed everyone in the family to say hello. I also took a photo of my Poodle with my digital camera, figured out how to download it to my computer and send it via email.

Argan Oil Helped My Hair and Nails


Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisturizer 8.45ozWhen my friend told me I should use Argan Oil to help my hair, I was a bit puzzled. It wasn’t because she told me my hair needed help, because I would be the first to admit to that. It was just because I had not heard of that kind of oil before. I have poured over so many things trying to figure out what to use on my hair, but that is one that I had not heard of before. She showed me a website that had a lot of information about Argan Oil on it, and I was convinced within minutes that it was what I needed to try.

I didn’t have a major problem with my hair. It wasn’t as if it was falling out or thinning. That would be horrible, but still, my own issues were still devastating to me. No matter what styling product I used on my hair, it still looked flat and lifeless. If I would take a walk on a windy day, my hair looked so frizzy afterwards. I read where others were having the same kinds of issues though, and this oil helped bring the shine and vitality back to their hair.

I ordered some, and I was excited to try it, mainly because the reviews I read indicated that it did not take long at all to notice a difference. I also learned that I could use this oil for things other than to help bring my hair back to life. It can be used to help with different skin conditions as well as on nails. I have good skin, but my nails were another issue I had. I used the oil on both my hair and nails, and both look so much better because of it! I will never be without a bottle of Argan Oil now.

Reasons Why Calling a Personal Injure Attorney in Chicago Was the Thing My Friend Needed to Do


I have a friend who has been through a rough time. He was involved in an accident. He got hit by a driver who was texting. He found out it is a real fight to get the insurance companies to pay what is necessary. He also found out that his job was not behind him all the way in his fight to recover. I told him he needed to call a personal injury attorney in Chicago for advice. His job pretty much told him he either had to come back to work or lose his position. He used up all of his sick days, personal time and vacation time due to the difficulty he had in doing his job.

People at his job were trying to help him out. They were taking some of his workload when they saw him struggling. It was a convoluted mess. The insurance company was not coming forth to pay for his expenses including lost wages and things such as his health insurance costs. He had to work while trying to recover. He needed a personal injury attorney in Chicago to really put pressure on the insurance company to make it so he could concentrate on getting better instead of barely getting through work days. I told him that maybe the lawyer could put a little squeeze on his workplace too using the law to get them to step up.

He was about ready to collapse and totally fail. It was unsustainable for him to try and keep on working. He either needed the help of an attorney, or he was going to lose everything he ever worked for. He was now dipping into his own retirement to pay some of his bills. I do not see how that is even possible to happen when the accident was not his fault. He did not want to sue anyone. I told him he needed to fight the insurance company because they are going to want to hold onto their profits no matter what he is going through.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Auto Accident


Last month my husband and I were involved in a pretty severe auto accident on the interstate when traveling back from visiting family and we are still trying to recover our injuries. My husband just awoke from a medicated coma that was induced after the crash. I have been in physical rehabilitation for the last week and for the foreseeable future. I have been looking at http://www.latuliplaw1.com as I know that I will need to hire a lawyer in the coming days to represent us in the personal injury suit that we are going to raise in court. I want to get legal advice first of all, because I am not really sure what our rights are in a situation like this.

This is the first time that either of us have been involved in anything like this, and it has been a scary experience, to say the least. I was worried about my husband’s life for a few days, but we were able to receive some fine medical care here. But it has come at a steep cost, and I want to make sure that parties responsible for this accident are held accountable and made to pay for the damages we incurred during the wreck. Of course, some of the damages will not be easily paid for, and so we are seeking to get more money than just to pay off medical bills and the like.

Rather, I am not sure how long it will take the two of us to return to a normal standard of living and we deserve some sort of compensation for all that we have been through related to this crash. I hope that we will make a full recovery, the both of us, but there is still a long road ahead of us.

Using a Load Cell Array to Weight a Tank of Water


We needed to weigh thousands of gallons of water. We needed to set a volume by precise weight for our experiments. We could have just filled the tank with a precise amount of water, but the problem is in the precision. When measuring out thousands of gallons at a time, a little is lost or gained. It is never really accurate. Also, evaporation by the end of the day could account for enough weight to affect our experiments. We decided to use a load cell cable system under the huge tank to keep track of the weight of the water as we did our experiments.

A load cell system can weigh anything from a person to trucks and more. There are all kinds of types of load cells to put under objects to monitor their weight. We needed real time weight measurements as we did the experiments. Our data needed to be precise with less than a pound of fluctuation with the total weight of the water. Just splashing some out as we moved the test objects could easily lose us more than a pound in weight of water. Our load cell array was capable of measuring precisely the weight of the water in the tank if it was twice the size.

Think of it as a giant bathroom scale. The load cells in your digital bathroom scale measure your weight electronically and display it on a screen. We had pretty much the same thing. It was only a lot larger. It measured 240,000 pounds of water which is 30,000 gallons. The weight of the tank was the tare weight. That is, the load cell array disregards the weight of the tank on the cells and only weighs any additional weight put on them. We would take a measurement for every experiment sometimes adding or extracting as little as a cup of water.

A Packed Party Full of People


It has been often said that you have to spend money to make money. I believe this is true, which is why I decided to have a party where I would charge people to attend. I invited nearly everyone in the neighborhood. I threw this party with the idea of turning a profit, so I wanted to spend only a certain amount to get the maximum results. I spent some of my budget to buy Twitter retweets. This would be my form of promotion for the party to anyone else who didn’t know about it or who forgot about it.

Since everyone is already on Twitter anyway, all I had to do was buy the re-tweets and let them do my work for me. The re-tweets would be passed from person to person, like some kind of cyber disease. Friends and family would know about party, which would result in more people attending, and result in a bigger profit.

Some of my friends who came to the party helped me set everything up. They bought some light refreshments when they came and set up the music table. It pays to have a friend who loves to DJ and is into vinyl records. He likes to mix and scratch all the time, so I knew he would be a big hit at the party. The guests started to arrive. Some people arrived early, while others arrived fashionably late. The house was packed and it was a good thing that I decided to hide all of my valuables before the party started, because I didn’t want anything to get stolen or broken. My friend who was working the turn tables had everyone doing all kinds of wild dances with the music he was playing. I had to make sure things didn’t get too loud or the cop would come.